Friday, October 26, 2012


:) Hello there! This is a bit of a brag post. You have been warned.
But, this week has been pretttyy good. And here are some reasons why:

  1. On Thursday, the campus is a bit more alive with outside ventures setting up shop in bush court  (Clark equivalent being Red Square and the green) and student groups selling cupcakes and sausages. Yesterday, however, was also our multicultural day. So we had brats and ants on a log, and chili&ham toasties, and happiness. There was, more significantly, a free photo booth. Which, was actually a bit difficult to use. 
  2. After Wednesday's meeting with my Parliamentarian, I am one step closer to finishing my internship research paper. I have been given contact information to get data on the success of the home loan agency, and I am excited to uncover the last morsel of information that I am going to add!
  3. Shout out to my major advisor, Sharon Krefetz, who emailed me yesterday morning with the answers to all  life woes. It made me almost as happy as a plate of oreos and chocolate milk.
  4. yes, there is egg on this lamb burger
  5. My friend, Brandon, and I have been trying lots of Australian fast food. First, because it is noms. Second, because we are too poor to eat at proper restaurants  We recently ventured to Red Rooster. I'd say, this was my favorite place so far. Which reminds me, I don't think I ever mentioned my adventure to McDonald's. Three wonderful things: First, serious lamb burger. Second, 30 cent soft serve. Third, FAMILY PACK. And never fear. We came. We conquered.
  6. After (finally) buying a stamp, I mailed off my absentee ballot!! Holla back at me 'Merica!! Also, fun fact, Australians are fined if they have registered to vote and they don't. Interesting, hey?
  7. Tomorrow, it is going to be 33 wonderful sunny fabulous degrees out. And I'm (97% fo sho) going to Rotto. So absolutely pumped. :)

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