Friday, August 17, 2012

really cool things

Hey there everyone!! I just wanted to give a quick update, especially because there wasn't much to read on my last post. Some really cool things have gotten underway this week, which make me super excited.

It may be too blurry to read.
But yes, that is $22.07/hr. Holla!!

First, I worked my second shift at a cafe here. I think I would equate it to the Bistro at Clark (Speaking of which, I am really bummed that I don't get to try out the new stations with everyone - I'm going to be so lost when I come back in the Spring Semester). They have a make your own (MYO) sandwich bar, hot meals, salads, beefy nachos and veggie burgers among other things. Anyway. I got the paperwork today which I just finished filling out. After being stunned, of course, by my wage. 

Second, my internship officially started up this week. By that, I mean to say, I finally got to meet with my Parliamentarian (this would be closest to our representatives for state government) on Monday and I got this nifty badge and access to the Western Australian Parliament Library and Staff Cafeteria on Thursday. Say what? We (all the interns from local universities) also sat in on the opening remarks of both branches of Parliament. It was interesting to see the decor and hear the meeting be opened with a prayer. During morning tea I also got to try a sausage roll for the first time - which made me feel extra Australian and cool. 

I have also realized that I have yet to really talk about my average week, my classes, free food, etc. So I'll do that in a post hopefully soon! Oh! And I'll fill you in on some of the places I've gone - like on a prison tour, to play lawn bowling, and to an AFL game. So, get excited!!

Also, if you have any questions or things you want to know about life in Perth leave a comment below! vv

Until next time! :)

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