Friday, August 24, 2012


adj - lacking, absent, not found

This week has strangely been a downer for me. I've known from the beginning that eventually the wave of "I love it here!" and "Everything is so awesome" was going to wear off. Eventually, I was going to settle down, more in sync with the person I am, and feel some frustration and weariness. This week, I have begun to miss a lot of things.

Like my best friends;
Chicago, Worcester, Boston;
the ability to buy bags of frozen chicken breast;
campus, the res halls, classes, my professors;
my family;
volunteering at Head Start;
sitting on the green;
the jumbalaya rice mix that comes in a box;
diners, Annie's!; 
Mexican food;
the WRTA semester pass;
the view from the fifth floor of the library;
turkey burgers;
cheetos, cheese-its, and goldfish;

So all you blog readers out there, go hug your dad tight for me. Walk to Yoway with your friends later this week. Attend your classes. Visit the Bistro. Go dancing in the city lights. Eat a mega pancake and splurge on some hash browns. 

Love where you are. I'll try to get back to doing the same.

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