Sunday, November 18, 2012

Eight, Seven, Six...

I leave this Saturday.
How did time fly away this quickly?

I am also never good with countdowns. Mostly because I never know what I am counting down to, were is the one and where is the zero? Should I count how many days I have left? Does that include the fact that I have a next day layover in Brisbane? Is the count for how many days till I land? And if so, how do I count the strange fact that I am going to live Sunday the 25th for a VERY long time? Also, which time zone should I be counting the days - yours or mine? I don't know. And clearly, I have put too much thought into this.

Yesterday, because all my exams and final assignments have been completed (more or less), I adventured off to the beach. It was so warm out, the sky was brilliant blue, the ocean smelled like fish and salt and laughter. After reading for a while, my friends and I packed up and headed to Beaufort Street to check out a festival of food and music and art and other festival-ly things.

And today is sunny again! And just beginning. I'm going to go out there and enjoy it with my best frannds!!

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