Wednesday, September 5, 2012


Ellis Brook. I was looking
for frogs, no luck. :(
from the top of the 60 Ft Falls,
you can see the city!
As an end to our first study break, Christine (from CIEE), Jason (our Aussie "tour guide"), and I went bush walking at the Ellis Brook Valley Reserve. Here, we were told, 60 Foot Falls would be falling. After getting into sight of it, though, it was really only a trickle. Which is super unfortunate, as this time of year should leave it gushing. So a word from everyone who likes our planet and like water - take shorter showers, ya'll. Seriously.

The tree to the left is the Australian Christmas Tree. It blooms with orange flowers in the summer.
To the right of the photo is a grass tree, which grows taller when the grass-like leaves on top burn and fold down on top, which makes the growing process super slow. That plant has been around for multiple centuries. Also, the green thing that is shooting just straight up, flowers white later in the year. 

Anyway, so after walking around some of the trails and having a super yummy homemade picnic we ventured to Lesmurdie Falls.  Here, we got to see some cascades and stand over the cliff of the waterfall. Which, was super awesome - not gonna lie. 

And how did I end the day, you ask? Why, by eating a rainbow Paddle Pop. So good. 

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